We let our ideas take the spotlight. The Brands we represent are the stars! That’s why we remain hidden.

But make no mistake, our offices are filled with fresh minds, hidden behind the next big thing that they are going to come up with.

We are not in the market for complements never-the-less scroll down to take a look at our awesome Marketway team.

Barbara Petropoulou Lillikas
Amalia Chiromeridou
Business Development & Act. Client Service Director
Nicos Gavrielides
Senior Assistant General Manager
Chryso Christoforou Assistant Client Service Director
Alessio Criscuoli
Art Director
Christina Pavlou
Assistant Client Service Director
Anna Zongou
Senior Account Executive
Stella Panayiotou
Ero Polydorou
Digital Development
Katerina Minou
Media Director
Chariklia Nicolaou
Media Planner
Marina Koumbaridou
Media Planner & Buyer
Elena Charalambous
Administration Manager/ Executive Assistant
Christia Koursarou
Public Relations & Public Affairs Director
Anna Trypatsa
Assistant Accountant
Michalis Philippakis
Senior PR Executive
Maria Efthymiou
Studio Director
Rafaella Zachariadou
Graphic Designer
Christos Christodoulou
Senior Graphic Designer
Savvas Savva
Graphic Designer
Constantinos Arkadiou
Senior Copywriter
Savvas Demetriou
Graphic Designer